A Woman Finds Squirrel With Curly, Teeth And Takes Him Home To Save His Life

Jannet, a committed animal lover from Barrhead, came upon a squirrel with unusually huge and crooked teeth that prevented it from eating regularly. Jannet decided to help the animal since she thought he had little chance of surviving for very long and was terribly skinny.

We appreciate animals dearly, therefore we are pleased to share yet another story of an odd critter and his happy ending. The extra at the conclusion of the narrative will show how lovely squirrels can be if you missed it.

Jannet observed that the squirrel was unable to eat normally due to its protruding teeth, which were bending backward. Theoretically, squirrel teeth should be ground down by nuts and tree bark, but in this instance, that didn’t happen. The unhappy man was obviously in need of help, and Jannet decided to help him.

Bucky the squirrel went home with her. The woman realized that an inappropriate bite was to blame for the incisors lengthening. She later viewed a number of YouTube tutorials to learn how to remove a squirrel’s teeth.

Jannet used an ordinary cuticle trimmer to trim the squirrel’s incisors. Bucky kept his cool throughout the situation, maybe thinking that whatever was happening was for the best.

When it was all said and done, Jannet relinquished control of Bucky and was happy to see that he could eat whole peanuts. She enjoyed seeing the squirrel sharpening his teeth on the tree as well since that is how it should be.

Bonus: Even though Jannet isn’t in these photos, we still thought it was important to share these to show what cute little squirrels can be.




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