Bride’s Dying dog Lives Just Long Enough To Walk Her Down The Aisle. (IT’S OK TO CRY)

When Kelly O’Connell, a veterinarian, was 19 years old, Charlie, a black Lab mix, came into her life. The puppy was found abandoned in a shopping cart in the thick of winter. Kelly thought it was love at first sight even though she had no plans to get a dog at the time. “I’m not sure what it was. I just said, ‘Yeah, this is my dog. She said to the Denver Channel, “I’m taking him home.

One of the most significant days of your life is your wedding, and you want to spend it with the people you love, which for many couples includes their pets. Numerous tales about couples engaging their pets in wedding preparations, including making them the “best man,” have been told to us. The story of a cancer-stricken dog who survived long enough to walk his owners down the aisle, however, will touch your heart more than any other.

Kelly’s life was altered by Charlie, and they grew close. He was inspired to start jogging by the owner’s very active and vivacious dog. When she initially met her future husband, veterinarian James Garvin, one of her major concerns was whether he and his children would get along with Charlie because Charlie was so important to her. Thank goodness they did.

The couple was preparing for their wedding at the same time. Charlie had five seizures the week before the wedding, which, as Kelly acknowledged to People, “broke my heart.” We considered murdering him, but we decided to wait because he appeared to be improving.
Charlie seemed to be holding on just long enough to see his owners get married, making sure he was there for the special day.

Those are the recollections. She remarked, “I was just thankful for him, his presence, and the years we spent together. “And he’s smiling in the photos. There is no way to argue against it. He exudes joy. Apparently, she said, “I’ll miss Charlie, he was my greatest friend,” as reported by People. However, he will always be recalled. The pictures from his wedding will also act as a continual reminder of him.




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