Shelter Dog On Death Row Trembles With Fear And Too Afraid To Walk

Every dog and cat is deserving of a loving home and a second chance at life.

Sadly, due to a lack of room, young and aged creatures are euthanized in overcrowded shelters.

Meet Mocha, a one-year-old Pit bull mix that was left at the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Salisbury, North Carolina. She was given up by her heartless owner along with another dog through no fault of her own. Mocha was given until November 1st to be adopted, or else she will be put to death.

The anxious dog would tremble in her crate, and prospective adopters would walk right by her. When she arrived, she was horrified and covered with fleas. One of the workers at the shelter, Albina Albie Chanel, wanted to show Mocha that not all people are bad. She wanted to give Mocha a chance to find a family since she was devastated by Mocha’s predicament.

“You know, we deal with human cruelty and depravity on a daily basis. This lovely young lady crushed my heart. At that point, the owner gives up. She’s a skeleton, covered with fleas, who shakes uncontrollably and refuses to stand up and walk. Talk about a soul that’s been shattered. I despise mankind on some days. Keep your head up, Mocha. “She’s seen so much cruelty in her one year of existence,” Albina wrote.

She decided to write a letter from Mocha and post it on Facebook. It said, “Dear humans, As I sit here on death row totally defeated, I hope my puppies will at least have a better life than I did. I sit here, I am so scared just waiting to be euthanized. You see, I am only a year old. I haven’t had a good life at all..”

It added, “I shake so ferociously in my kennel that people just go by me. I can’t help it; people haven’t been good to me. Despite being relatively lean, I like to eat. I tried to be brave today for my shots, but I was unable to even stand. But I made an attempt, and I think the females who were with me saw it. Later, I even had the guts to indulge in a treat.

“I was surrendered to the shelter by my owner with my friend. Please consider adopting me and giving me a chance at a good life,” the tragic letter read. But be aware that because I’m so nervous, it can take me some time to warm up. Where can you find me?

Albina sent a letter to Mocha on her own after being saved. She wrote, “Dear Mocha, I sat with you and penned a message for everybody to see. Indeed, that is what they did. Enjoy your second opportunity, sweet girl. I hope you get the love and attention you deserve for the remainder of your life.

Best wishes, my sweetheart.
I cherish you and will never forget you.

I want to thank whomever saved Mocha. She is one of many people waiting for a loving home.

The only way to stop death row at shelters is to consider adopting or fostering. Additionally, neuter and spay your animals. Don’t shop, adopt!




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