Abandoned dog with only two legs survived but no one helped

Why is the dog with one rear leg ignored as it hops about in quest of food?

A startling image of a dog by the side of the road, with its back legs severed, asking for food has gone viral. Many people are curious to know what caused this dog’s hostile behavior.

In the footage, a Thai dog was seen begging for food next to the road and receiving assistance and food. The dog was dangerously underweight, skeletal, and entirely devoid of flesh, as if he had recently gone through a fire that scorched onlookers.

The supper used to be great, but the dog looked to have been famished for a long. Viewers are destroyed by the spectators’ gloomy eyes that are riveted on the camera. The dog was standing on his other two legs even though his rear legs were out of place.

The dog used to like eating, thus it’s possible that it suffered from starvation for extended periods of time.

There have been many views and shares of the video. The arrival of this wretched dog was delayed since the bulk of them were preoccupied at work.

V.A said on her Facebook page, “I have to scavenge for food by the side of the road like this because I don’t know where my owner is.” I won’t have to hold back my emotions any more when I see it, she remarked.

Do all you can to save this dog if he is still in Vietnam; if not, I’ll take him in and take care of him. A reliable buddy named T.L. remarked, “May God bless him with many fantastic problems.”

There have been many calls for help even though it is presently uncertain if this sad dog is a stray. The dog should, in theory, receive the greatest care and nutrition throughout time.

Dogs will always try to have as much fun as they can with their owners and their surroundings, regardless of the situation, including illness, physical flaws, or other unavoidable disasters. Autism-affected dogs don’t often sit down in a dejected manner. As long as they continue to live comfortably, we will be happy to be their owners.

The dog will defend its owner to the very end, no matter how perilous the circumstances, even if that means going up against opponents who are much bigger than it. Occasionally, dogs have defended their owners against wolves and tigers or saved them from burning homes. Because of this essential characteristic, dogs are more than just pets; they serve as your guards.

Dogs are perhaps the most docile creatures; they don’t mind repeating actions or being in challenging circumstances, and they even like learning new things. those new products.




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