Abused Dog Who Spent Her Life Chained Was Adopted By A Family: “She Grew Up Shy And Depressed”

Wolfie the dog has moved over her tragic past and is now content to live with a family.

Just as much effort goes into raising a child as a dog. It is ideal for those who are unable to properly take this duty to have pets in order to prevent tragic scenarios like Lady’s because pets are live creatures that suffer from neglect just like people do.

The former owner of this tiny dog subjected her to cruelty and neglect throughout her life. On the terrace outside the house, the dog was chained. The site was not the best due to the mud and water after rain.

However, his caretaker didn’t seem to care much about this situation since he did little to make Lady’s living conditions better. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaigners tried to save the animal, but the owner refused.

She was completely abandoned and maintained in a soggy area that occasionally flooded.In a YouTube video, PETA claimed, “She has been visited by PETA field employees for years in an effort to persuade her owner to give her up.

Over time, Lady got lonelier and depressed. She went on to say that sometimes she just stayed at home. But after much effort to communicate with her and convince her owner, they were able to release Lady from her. When her owner agreed to let PETA adopt her as a result of her persistence, she claimed that “her entire world changed.”

After going through a healing procedure, the dog gave up her previous existence, including her previous name. She was adopted by a family who gave her the name Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom. She obviously enjoys it because whenever she meets one of her new owners, she rushes happily.

Her entire life was enhanced as a result of the campaigners’ efforts and the generous family who took her in. The following video, which is an actual PETA publication with English text, depicts Lady’s transition into Wolfie and how things became better for her.

Every abandoned dog deserves a second chance, just like Wolfie.




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