After somebody Shared a Photo of a homeLess Dog SLeeping with a Stuffed Animal, the Image went Viral!

Many individuals claiming that they would act if it were them and not the photographer…

It’s great to hear that! Such creatures are abundant in your neighborhood’s rescue center as well as on the streets around your home. Please feel free to save one!
But please don’t bother with the practice of sending up thoughts and prayers.

I sincerely hope that this baby has the loving, joyful life for which he has been waiting.

Are his upper thighs covered in ticks? the ears too?
A moving picture of a stray dog holding onto a shattered teddy bear attracted the attention of the country, but it also caused controversy among animal lovers about the animal’s treatment.
The stray dog fell asleep on the pavement using the abandoned teddy bear as a cushion.

Yvette Holzbach, the photographer, posted this image of a stray dog solace in an abandoned, broken-down toy.

Yvette works for a nonprofit called Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward and spends her time rescuing abandoned puppies in one of Houston, Texas’s worst areas.
She and her coworkers do neighborhood patrols, picture abandoned pets to aid in the recovery of their owners, get them spayed or neutered, receive any required medical care, and most significantly, locate foster or permanent homes for some of the dogs.

Yvette and her employees are overwhelmed by the excessive quantity of stray canines on the streets.
It is the toughest thing in the world for us to leave creatures like him behind, she said, so please don’t judge us. We are a tiny team of volunteers doing our best with the tools at our disposal.

The world needs people who are like Yvette. To express your support for the essential work she performs to save our helpless creatures, please spread the news.

We appreciate your efforts, Yvette, and those of your friends who support the street dogs. Your is powerful, and you also do your best to assist animals.




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