Dog Mom Abandoned With Puppies Still Waited For Her Owner Days After Being Left

There are still many canines being abused throughout the world every day and every hour. Some people in our world are heartless, and while their deeds may appear very amazing, they don’t necessarily reflect well on them.

Fortunately, our planet still has good individuals with pure hearts. When they discovered that a canine mother had been abandoned with her young children at the canine Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, they hastened to make the journey.

The little dog and her puppies looked to have been dumped a few days earlier on the side of the road. Some people tried to help, but the dog mother refused all food and snarled at them. The dog appeared to be still awaiting her owner—and her owner alone.

Of course, nothing turned out the way the poor dog had hoped. She didn’t move for several days, and her owner never showed up.

By the time the rescuers came, the circumstance had changed. The mother of the dog seemed depressed. She agreed to the rescuers’ help and even consumed some of their food. Maybe she knew that she had been abandoned forever. She could have grown tired of waiting.

She was in a terrible mood. The young mother was abandoned with her infants on the side of the road and did not move for several days. Her suffering crushed our hearts. Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac wrote on YouTube that “some people are very horrible.”

The rescuers found three pups—two of them had not yet opened their eyes—after feeding the mother and continuing their hunt. The team took care to do a last search before leaving to make sure that no dogs remained.

he mother dog, subsequently given the name Moli, and her little puppies were transported safely to the facilities of the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, where they may now live happily and be cherished.

Ideally, Moli and her children will locate a new residence soon.





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