Stray Pitbull Shut Down After He’s Paralyzed, Thought No One Would Want Him

Dog owners are completely aware of their pets’ incredible power. Iron had to access a very deep source of energy. This special Pitbull had already been through so much before being hit by a car and thrown on the pavement. How he managed to live is a mystery.

In Puerto Rico, Iron was found alive and well after being struck by a large car and left for dead. He was immobile and dragging his back legs. He was underweight and in agony. His veterinary check found that it was extremely unlikely that he would ever walk again due to a spinal damage.

The news was awful. Pit Bulls have a difficult time finding forever homes due to prejudice towards their breed, but finding Iron a forever home would be even more difficult if he couldn’t walk.

Iron was found and saved by the New York Bully Crew, but they now needed more help to help with Iron’s recovery. To further his rehabilitation, he needed a foster home that would work with Iron. Heather and Kat saw they could help when they spotted Iron’s Instagram post. They were very knowledgeable about canine therapy.

Soon, Iron was being cared after by Kat and Heather. He was so big that they were shocked. He was so skinny it was frightening. His new foster mothers understood the challenges they would face. Iron wasn’t just physically exhausted. He had emotionally closed off.

One of his two moms, a veterinary nurse, is one of his mothers. Although the path ahead would be difficult, she knew that iron would not be given up. With him, the additional labor was definitely worthwhile.

Iron’s new foster mother put him on a particular diet that comprised little, regular meals. In this way, he may put on weight without becoming unwell from overeating. They quickly began their recuperation as well. He struggled to stand at first, but soon he was taking little steps.

Even a wheelchair made just for him was built!

After six weeks, Iron was able to walk for several minutes without dragging his legs. It was a GIANT success! Iron loved meeting new canine companions in his foster home.

They provided him the will to persevere and supported him as he emerged from his shell. Because dogs are group creatures, even Iron, who was scared and shut down, was drawn to the positive energy of his new pack.

Then the most incredible thing happened! Iron is so clever that he devised a plan to deliberately damage his wheelchair and flee. He would then walk to his companions on his own legs. Everyone who knew him well was astonished. The dog, who most likely wouldn’t walk again, was without a doubt moving forward!

Iron realized all the things he had been deprived of, such as toys, enjoyment, and, of course, love. Iron assumed the role of the pack’s protector. He would make sure that everyone relaxed when it was time to decompress. And when it rained, he relished cleaning up after everyone. He would give his siblings extra “Iron kisses” when they got home.

Iron had undoubtedly already gotten home. Kat and Heather couldn’t see their futures without him. Because of his new mother, he had made such progress and integrated in so beautifully. They had faith that he would thrive in their care. When questioned, they invariably say they are the lucky ones. They claim that iron brings them greater joy than they could have ever imagined.

Right now, you need to hear about Iron’s quest to transform and find salvation.

Pit bulls are frequently killed in shelters or worse. The breed regularly faces challenges. We need to spread the word to dog lovers everywhere that all dogs deserve a happily ever after! Please view the entire Iron story below.




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