To Survive California Wildfires, a Horse Hides in a Pool

An photograph from the 2018 California wildfires depicts a horse trying to escape the flames but getting stuck in a pool. A tragic tale about a horse caught in the state’s deadliest wildfire surfaced as Facebook groups attempted to reconnect missing pets with their owners. Former Paradise resident Jeff Hill travelled around to provide aid during the crisis, but he wasn’t expecting to find the horrific scenario that he did.

After the Camp Fire nearly devastated Paradise, Jeff Hill was checking on a house when he found a surprise find in a backyard. A horse was found hanging in a pool cover, shivering ferociously and seeming dejected, according to Hill’s Facebook post. The horse was fortunate to be shielded from the worst wildfire in California history by the pool cover. According to Hill, who stated in his now-famous piece, he had no idea how long the horse had been in the pool, but the pool cover had allowed the animal to remain submerged without drowning until the fire was put out.

Jeff said on Facebook, “We came across this horse who had given up and had a defeated look in her eyes. I was checking to see if someone’s house was still standing.” The team Jeff was working with got to work right away to free the horse by removing the pool cover, moving her to the shallow end of the pool, and then bringing her up the stairs.

According to Hill’s Facebook post, the horse let go of her anxiety and showed her gratitude by associating warmly with the rescuers for a little period of time before assuredly going away to let them know she was okay. Although the pictures of the horse’s plight are distressing, she is a survivor who beat the flames thanks to her quick reactions and Jeff and his team’s help. In spite of everything, Hill said, “I saw a glimpse of joy today.”

Before getting up to go, the horse lingered there for a little period of time, seemingly alert to Jeff’s rescue efforts. The horse appeared to have taken refuge in the pool to avoid the oppressive heat, but the pool’s lid caught him. The man added, “She got out, shook off, kissed on us for a couple of minutes as a thank you, then went away assuring us that she was alright. But it’s clear that the horse’s existence depended on the pool. It makes me sick to think about what may have happened if Jeff hadn’t been there to release her.




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