Exhausted Dogs fought For Their Lives For hours.

The greatest flood ever seen occurred in Louisiana, in the United States. Thirty thousand people had to be evacuated, and the flooding in 40,000 dwellings resulted in thirteen fatalities.

Brave individuals nevertheless helped in the rescue of trapped humans and animals in spite of the chaos and damage caused by the dreadful weather.

Two volunteers, Darrell Watson and Mike Anderson, have already helped to save 100 lives by attempting to rescue both human and animal lives. Two pit bulls were discovered to be submerged.

The canines were imprisoned for at least 16 hours after being trapped in a water trap. Mike and Darrell aren’t the only ones helping with the rescue operations.

Josh Petit shared a photo of Baton Rouge’s flooding on Facebook on August 15 showing how the storm that devastated the city this morning caused the water to surge 2.5 meters in only two hours. It’s terrible. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a commotion in the bushes. From a distance, nothing else seems to be there.

Eyes and nose of the dog were almost immersed! I had never before saw an animal with such a dejected countenance that was already worn out. The dog was actually in danger of passing away. After we had saved her, she rose up, rested her head on my knees, and whined and sobbed like a baby. She told me how grateful she was.

The post quickly gained popularity on Facebook, leading to the identification of Sadie’s owners.

I returned Sadie to her owner. He evacuated, and she presumably fled from him as he was packing and departing. She is now in seventh heaven since she is so delighted to be home!




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