Puppy Keeps getting Returned to the shelter so Determined man Takes him in to Figure out Why

To find out why prospective adopters were returning a cute dog, a guy went outside. When he originally brought the puppy home, he intended to assist in getting the dog ready for adoption, but his plans quickly changed.

Two canine siblings named Abe and Abbi were sent from Puerto Rico to New York in order to improve their chances of finding a forever home.

Shortly later, Abbi was adopted, leaving just Abe in the shelter. The staff at the animal shelter had faith that the puppy would soon be adopted. According to The Dodo’s senior editor John Handem Piette, that is what occurred when a coworker decided to adopt the puppy.

Although Abe had been adopted, he didn’t stay away from the shelter for very long, much to their delight. Since Abe is such a friendly and popular dog, everyone else in the shelter was delighted to see him. In light of this, the crew began to ponder what the issue was that kept Abe from getting accepted. After two weeks, Abe was also adopted, but less than a month later, he was returned!

At that time, John and his girlfriend decided to adopt Abe and give him a new name: Bean. The two were willing to do anything to keep Bean with them. According to John, the dog was creating such much trouble that the shelter sent him back twice.

The dog started yanking on the leash as soon as he got inside John’s home, chasing birds, and destroying his dog bed and shoe. However, the two decided to be extremely patient in their efforts to change Bean’s behavior.

The couple decided to move Bean to John’s parents’ home when the coronavirus first surfaced. This was a big choice since it gave him the chance to swim in the family pool and see snow for the first time. We had two cats, Simba and Tigger, so it was simpler to control Bean’s exuberance when he began playing with Tigger and running about the house.

Simba didn’t react to Bean the same way the other animals did. Everyone benefitted when Bean arrived to John’s parents’ place. He entered immediately away and quickly made himself at home. The couple made the decision to keep the dog permanently. What a satisfying outcome!

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