Little Girl Wanted The Dog Who Was ‘Shaking And Hiding’ At The Back Of The Shelter

A Pit Bull was shivering constantly when she was brought to the shelter. Her tender skin, which was swollen from mange, gave off a horrible, rotten smell. Her gritty eyes were clouded with contagious gunk, and her swollen feet were packed with staph infection. She would probably need to be put to death due to her condition. Nevertheless, continue reading and be sure to see the “heartwarming” video below!

The Pit Bull thought the rest of humanity couldn’t see her, but Gigi pointed to her and yelled:

, “Mommy, that one.”

When Audra finally brought the poor Pit Bull to her, Gigi pulled on her coat and was overcome with sympathy, tenderly petting the animal. Even when Audra introduced Gigi to other dogs, the kid went back to the ailing Pittie three times before pleading, “Let the dog out, need help,” She was taken from the kennel by the shelter staff, washed up, and then allowed to play with Gigi in the yard.

The two got along very well right away and spent hours playing together. The Pit Bull insisted on staying with Gigi, and Gigi kept telling Audra that the “ill dog” need help.

The Pit Bull continued to shiver uncontrollably every time she was away from Gigi, and Audra cried for her mother to save the dog. In response to Gigi’s fervent requests, Audra agreed to bring home Scarlett, a Pit Bull she named after Scarlett O’Connor. When the sick dog arrived at the shelter, it was eventually allowed to return home!

After moving into her new house, Scarlett’s health started to get better right away! She wouldn’t let Gigi out of her sight and would spend every waking moment with her.

Over time, Gigi’s commitment to save Scarlett allowed her to heal and grow into her faithful friend. Now, this dynamic pair enjoys playing and having fun in the house and yard. Please watch the touching video that follows their moving narrative. Enjoy it and be sure to watch it all the way through.




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