A Retiring Police Dog Gets His Final Goodbye Over A Radio Call

Even while saying goodbye to your dog is never easy, it may be especially difficult when your dog is also your coworker.

After years of exemplary service, German Shepherd-Malinois K-9 Vilo from the Orem Police Department is leaving his post. It’s time to bid his handler, Quentin, farewell after three years of being his companion.

Vilo and Quentin got off to a rocky start.
Given that they had only been mates for three years, Quentin was not Vilo’s first handler. Vilo, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly kind to his new friend when they first met.

He was hissing at me the entire time we were driving home when I picked him up, claims Quentin.

Vilo was struggling to get used to his new handler, but neither he nor Quentin realized that a unique friendship was about to form.

After some time, a lasting bond had been established.

Vilo and Quentin chemistry developed quickly. They were both police officers, after all, and had a structured daily plan.

On the missions, Vilo and Quentin became closer day every day, and soon they couldn’t live without one another.

He ends up becoming both your partner and brother.

Vilo is a superb police canine with years of expertise in the hunt for and pursuit of criminals. Quentin received a lot of support from his capacity to learn new skills and his innately sound instincts.

Vilo Experienced Some “Life-And-Death” Situations

Vilo occasionally walked a razor’s edge between life and death. Some of the duties they had required Vilo to pursue armed criminals or secure the area before arrest, which made them very difficult.

It’s an extremely difficult choice you have to make… You have entire faith in him, and he has faith in you. You truly can’t understand it unless you’ve experienced it.

Fortunately, neither Vilo nor Quentin suffered any serious injuries. His police colleagues agreed to give him a send-off to remember because he finished his career with a spotless record.

He received a heartfelt radio call from his coworkers.
Vilo received his final salute over the radio while riding in the squad car with his partner.

Quentin experienced strong emotions since the message his coworkers had prepared was so heartfelt. Vilo was unable to grasp the precise words, but he quickly picked up on his coworker’s sentiments despite this.

“You need to relax so badly. Over the course of your career, I appreciate you keeping your handlers safe and returning them to their homes each and every day. The final message was, “K-9 Vilo 1042, you’ll be missed.

Vilo is an excellent family dog.

Vilo and Quentin remain close friends despite the fact that he is no longer a police dog, but in a new capacity. Vilo is now a household leader who enjoys his work as a family dog.

He did need some time to adjust to a whole new daily schedule, but he succeeded.

Vilo and Quentin lead contented lives together, demonstrating that former police dogs are perfectly capable of being excellent companions.




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