Law Enforcement Salutes K9 Tommy One Last Time After Eu.tha..nizat.ion

Even though dogs are our greatest companions, it can be difficult to say goodbye when they are also our coworkers. This is the tale of K9 Tommy, a German Shepherd who spent seven years working with the Ohio Department.

Tommy had provided excellent service for years, but due to his serious cancer, he had to be put to sleep. Ohio law enforcement agencies from all throughout the state saluted him in this manner…

Tommy, A K9 German Shepherd, Was Eu.than.ize.d After 7 Years of Service

The German Shepherd, Tommy, said his handler, Jeremy Berger, an official with the Department of National Resources, farewell after seven years of exemplary service.

Unfortunately, the severe kind of cancer that this K9 had wasn’t curable. Jeremy made the decision to put him to death since he was in excruciating agony and was unable to carry out even the most basic canine functions.

But his years of service and flawless work weren’t overlooked. K9s from law enforcement departments around Ohio came together to pay one last homage to Tommy.

They awaited this magnificent K9 in front of Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic. Everyone was devastatedly moved by this event, but Jeremy and his family were particularly affected. Tommy was placed on a stretcher and driven to the automobile.

Officers and their canines remained still as they observed a moment of silence to remember their fallen comrade.

Jeremy and his family suffered great loss.

The last to bid Tommy farewell were Jeremy and his family. When they last saw him, they were all inconsolable.

During their farewell, the final call went over the radio.

“Officer Tommy, you were a devoted companion to 3280. We appreciate you defending your mate and the people of Ohio by being a good guy. Your time on duty is now over. Good sleep. Despite your passing, we will never forget you.

Rest Well, Tommy

Ohio officers were touched by this emotional farewell. Tommy’s watch ended, leaving them in tears.




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