Officer Responds To Call About ‘Vicious’ Pit bull, But Finds a Sweet New Friend Instead

It’s wrong to stereotype dogs by their breed. Dogs’ behavior is more about their environment than their genetic makeup… but that hasn’t stopped many dogs from suffering from negative stereotypes.

The bad reputation pit bulls have had for being vicious and aggressive has had a real negative impact: pit bulls are the most commonly rescued dog breed.

Pit bulls don’t deserve this, though. They can get along with children and other animals, are as affectionate as any other dog, and are devoted to their owners. Following one “arrest,” a police officer witnessed firsthand how people stereotype these pets.
In 2018, the Texarkana Police Department got a complaint about a “vicious dog” roaming the neighborhood. Officer Travis Frost responded to the incident. On a grass, he discovered the dog. He anticipated that the dog would pursue or bite him.

Travis, according to the officer, left the door of his police car open so he could immediately enter if the dog became aggressive.
The dog was excitedly wagging his tail and welcomed the officer’s help even though he was dashing towards him.

The canine eagerly climbed into the front seat of the police cruiser.

He and the dog got along like old friends, shooting pictures as the dog relaxed by staring out the window and loved the journey.

Frost regretted that such a nice puppy had fallen victim to stereotypes since he recognized that someone had probably concluded this dog was “vicious” based just on his appearance.

Officer Frost said on Facebook that “you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs.”

They may be incredibly loving, like this guy this morning.

It turns out that this pit bull has a family of his own and had only recently left the shelter.

The dog had a microchip, but the owner’s information was outdated, making it more difficult to track him down. But soon after, he was taken in by a nearby animal sanctuary.

There is no question that this dog has a loving owner who has properly nurtured and taught him.




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