Dog Repeatedly Escapes Animal Shelter, Sneaks Into Nursing Home, is Adopted by Residents

This dog made the decision to pick his own house, and he did so in style, as opposed to waiting to be adopted into a new home as many shelter pets do.

Scout decided to take action because he felt that simply living at the Antrim County Animal Shelter in Bellaire, Michigan.

He started to smuggle himself out in the dead of night and wound up in a nursing home just across the street.

What was most fascinating. He repeatedly entered nursing home after being sent back to the shelter, as if desperately trying to convey, “This is my home.”

Despite the fact that it was directly across the street in Bellaire, Michigan, he had a difficult time entering the Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility.

Scout had to scale several fences, cross a highway, and then slip through the automated doors to get there.

The odd thing was that every time he entered the building uninvited late at night, he immediately slept out on a soft leather couch in the lobby.

After Scout kept sneaking out and then sneaking back in, the nursing home staff noticed something about their facilities was keeping Scout calm and content. At first, they made sure Scout returned to the shelter.

Initially accepted as a resident of their nursing home, Scout quickly proved to be so much more. Everyone quickly fell in love with him as he nearly changed into the facility’s most kind and perceptive caregiver!

One of the MBMCF residents claims that “if you’re upset about something, or everything’s going wrong, he makes you feel better.” Scout is overjoyed to be here.

The MBMCF’s Jennifer Martinek explains, “When Scout kept showing up here, we thought maybe it was meant to be.”

“We have welcomed him into our family.” He belongs right here. Clinical care coordinator Stephanie Elsey explains, “He choose us.

“We can’t even imagine life without him!” The MBMCF team wrote on Facebook, “He completes our Meadow Brook family.”




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