Homeless Dogs Protect Blind Elderly Woman Lying By The River

There aren’t many animals in the world that might be considered “loyal” like dogs.

These four-legged furry creatures are among the most incredible things to ever exist because they are not only intelligent, adaptive, and adorable, but also utterly and unbreakably devoted to the people they love.

Ake Srisuwan, a local traveler in Nepal, snapped the image of two dogs standing by the side of a woman as she dozed by the river, and it quickly gained popularity.

Many people across the world were moved to tears by this heartbreaking scene, which served as more evidence that dogs never leave their owners’ sides.

The Moment Of The Utmost Loyalty

Even though there isn’t much background for these pictures, the candid moments show how devoted a dog is to its owners.

The woman, who was reportedly blind, was resting on a muddy, waterlogged riverbank. Two dogs were seen protecting the woman and making sure she was okay; one of the dogs was standing near to her while the other one was standing a few meters away.

A local man called Ake was walking by when he saw this touching scene of genuine friendship and a dog’s loyalty. He couldn’t resist but take a photo of the touching act.

The canines showed all the magnificence for which these animals are renowned despite the fact that they themselves were homeless.

Help was given to the woman and the dogs.

Local authorities finally located her and her brave dogs and took care of them thanks to the picture that quickly became popular. The woman and the pets were sent to the hospital right away for care.

Numerous local and international media sites covered the tale, bringing attention once more to the strong link between dogs and people.

Nepal’s Problem With Stray Dogs

Sadly, there are still an increasing number of stray dogs in Nepal. Online Khabar claims that Nepal has thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets, with 30,000 of them only in Kathmandu.

Almost ninety-nine percent of dogs end up in pretty bad shape since there is now no effective way to address this issue.

These dogs are resilient and caring, but they typically die from malnutrition and a variety of ailments brought on by unclean surroundings.

We sincerely hope that action will be taken soon to provide these beautiful canines with a sanctuary, from which they can then go to their permanent home. The least they really deserve is that!




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