A Puppy Who Found Shelter Underneath A Car After Being Attacked Found An Unexpected Forever Home

Niq is one of those puppies that has a strong will to survive despite their little stature.

This resilient little puppy triumphed over all obstacles, even in the most trying circumstances, and lived the life that he deserved.

Rescue Mission

Sadly, a herd of animals in South California assaulted Niq, the Chihuahua, and he had to flee for his life, hiding beneath a car.

Niq hid behind one of the back tires and waited patiently for the animals to move on from him.

Fortunately, a few neighbors saw the entire thing happen and called Logan’s Legacy Dog Rescue right away to request assistance.

Suzette stated, “He needed emergency surgery.”
It was a quite deep wound.

After securing Niq’s transfer into her vehicle, Suzette took him to Camino Pet Hospital, where a group of veterinarians were ready to provide immediate care for the young dog.

Even though the team successfully performed the surgery, stitching up his wounds, when Niq woke up, he still wasn’t feeling quite right.

After he got out of surgery, he started acting super. Then, he tested positive for parvo.

Canine parvovirus (CPV), sometimes known as parvo, is a highly contagious virus that mostly infects dogs. Nonetheless, according to petMD’s study, the survival percentage is often between 75% and 80% after treatment.

Unfortunately, Niq was now dealing with a very contagious infection in addition to recovering from a horrific incident.

Niq’s resiliency deeply touched one of the veterinary professionals, who grew incredibly close to the puppy.

After work, she would remain at the rescue to keep Niq company and have endlessly entertaining playdates.

She would go every day after work and sit with him. She developed feelings for him.

Following a few playdates, the veterinary technician recommended to Suzette that she bring Niq home with her for the weekend so he could recuperate in a more comfortable setting.

Suzette accepted the proposal, delighted with it, and was delighted to get an amazing message first thing on Monday morning.

Although she had volunteered to drive him home for the weekend, she was unable to do so. “I have to have him,” she said. Please let me adopt him.

Niq has been a content part of a loving family ever since that day.

Niq was overjoyed to welcome this new, better existence and to let go of his previous one.

He has overcome the obstinate infection as well as all of his ailments, and is now in perfect health.




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