How much milk does the world champion cow Shakira give per day?

The excellent genetics of the eight-year-old cow, a modern farm and adequate feeding have produced excellent results

The eight-year-old Holstein cow Erbacres Snapple Shakira won the title of grand champion, Supreme Champion, at the world’s largest exhibition of dairy breeds, the World Dairy Expo, in Wisconsin, USA.

A modern farm
Its owner, Isabel Jacobs, together with her brother Ian, runs a conventional dairy farm in the Canadian province of Quebec. They have 500 milking cows and 400 calves.

They cultivate a total area of 1,214 ha, of which 305 ha is under alfalfa, 152 ha under hay, 184 ha under corn, 96 ha under soybeans, 58 ha under wheat and 58 ha under a mixture of oats and peas. The meal is based on dry hay, cut grass, grain and corn silage. Average milk yield per head is 11,000 kg annually, and milking is done twice a day.

It gives almost 60 kg of milk
Shakira EX-97 was declared the most beautiful cow in North America in 2023, and gives 59 kg of milk per day. Six years ago, they bought then two-year-old cattle at the WDE World Milk Fair.

They expect to produce a total of up to 15,561 kg of milk with 4.7 percent fat and 3.4 percent protein this year. The number of somatic cells in her milk is 5,000 cells/ml. She has already calved five calves. Her ancestry is also impressive, earning her this title. Namely, she is the granddaughter of the red and white Holstein cow Khw Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 4E 41, which won numerous awards and was also a champion.

She is waiting for her sixth calf
Shakira will be attending the Royal Agricultural Winter Show in Toronto this month. She is now pregnant and her sixth calf is expected to be born in May. The Jacobs sell the embryos of their cows, but theirs are not for sale and they leave them for further offspring on their farm.

See how her presentation at the exhibition looked like in the video:




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