143 Wild Mustangs Roam Free at Colorado Sanctuary

Tucked away amid the spectacular 22,000 acres of Engler Canyon Ranch is a fascinating habitat that supports a wide variety of species. The stunning scenery is home to elk, deer, and coyotes, and the sky are home to owls, hawks, and eagles. Meadowlarks’ lovely melodies complete the harmonic symphony. In the midst of this colorful tapestry of life, 143 wild mustangs and burros have a wonderful sanctuary that provides them with a permanent home away from round-ups, kill pens, and human avarice.

Since its establishment by the Serengeti Foundation, Engler Canyon Ranch has served as a sanctuary for North American fauna, especially the breathtaking wild mustangs that inhabit the area.

Once a cattle ranch, the landscape today includes a variety of short grass grasslands, vast stretches of desert, and thick woodlands. With the help of kind donors and committed volunteers, the Serengeti Foundation has painstakingly turned this area into a sanctuary for rescued mustangs, offering them a fresh start.

At Engler Canyon Ranch, the mustang herd currently grazes freely across an astounding 10,000 acres. According to Holly, a spokesman for the Serengeti Foundation, these magnificent animals are urged to completely embrace their untamed nature. While some mustangs might occasionally socialize with people, the majority of them would much rather live in utter solitude and relish their wild lifestyle.

In addition to keeping a close eye on the herd to guarantee ideal foraging circumstances, the sanctuary offers veterinary care in the event of severe situations. But giving these animals their freedom and space is the sanctuary’s fundamental tenet. The mustangs at Engler Canyon Ranch maintain a genuine feeling of freedom and autonomy by living in their natural family groups and engaging in activities that are characteristic of the wild, such as courtship, protection, chasing, and territorial conflicts.

Every mustang that finds comfort at Engler Canyon Ranch has a special tale to tell. Dante, formerly known as Ghost, is one of them. He somehow made it through the agony of three separate kill pens before seeking safety at the sanctuary. Dante, who was saved from being sold to a death buyer only minutes before, now personifies perseverance and spends his days at ECR basking in his freedom.

Romeo and Sinatra, two mustangs adopted through the BLM, met a terrible end in a death cage in another heartwarming story. They fought the odds and found safety at Engler Canyon Ranch, where they will never be used or harmed again, despite being victims of a fake rescue outfit.

In addition to acting as a mustang sanctuary, Engler Canyon Ranch is essential to maintaining the health of the entire ecosystem and providing habitat for species in North America. The Serengeti Foundation is a fierce defender of the rights of all species, understanding that all life is interdependent within healthy ecosystems. The residents of the sanctuary thrive because of their commitment to preserving nature in its entirety.

Visitors to Engler Canyon Ranch are greeted with a sense of wonder and awe, as the untamed beauty of the land and its wild inhabitants stir the soul. The sight of wild mustang bands galloping freely across the plains, accompanied by the melodious songs of native birds, creates an unforgettable and deeply spiritual experience.

Engler Canyon Ranch, located in the midst of Colorado’s untamed west, is a tribute to the strength of compassion and preservation. Here, 143 wild horses and burros share their tales with the ever-changing tale of nature’s harmonic dance.




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