A 16-year-old girl who bravely stopped a runaway horse on a busy highway is being praised as a hero.

The little girl, Caroline Shoults, saw the escaped horse as she and her dependable horse, Tinkerbell, prepared to participate in an event. Caroline intervened without thinking and led the horse to safety; the entire spectacular rescue was caught on camera!

As Caroline and Tinkerbell were waiting for their horse show to start, this thrilling event happened at De Novo Farms in Anne Arundel County. Abruptly, one of the horses bolted onto a heavily used road. Caroline made the decision to save the escaped horse as soon as she realized it was in danger. The entire event was recorded by thirteen-year-old Julia Young in the crowd on her phone, and subsequently, courtesy of Jeanette Newland, it made its way onto Facebook.

Jeanette Newland stated, “We were in our barn family at our first horse show when we saw another horse broke free from her halter and took off.” “A 16-year-old who was preparing for a competition bravely stopped to assist in attempting to capture her.” For over three kilometers, Caroline and Tinkerbell pursued the escaped horse down the road; more riders joined them to assist. To keep other drivers away from the horses.

Caroline eventually led the horse safely onto the shoulder of the roadway and into the grass after an arduous three-mile chase. After that, she leaped from her horse, wrapped a lead rope around the neck of the escaping equine, and bided her time until the rest caught up. They were closely followed by the horse trailer. “The only thing that kept me sane was talking to my horse,” Caroline stated.

The runaway horse, Ice, was thankfully brought back to the stables without incident, and more significantly, nobody was hurt. Without a doubt, everyone engaged was experiencing nerves. “It was pretty intense with the traffic and could have turned bad in so many ways,” said Jeanette Newland, the person who posted the video.

“But she kept her cool and helped keep the horse safe until she tired herself out.” What a journey each of us took. All I can say is that I’m grateful for the safety of the horses and those who assisted us. You may watch the video below to learn more about this amazing rescue!




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