Sisters Stop Their Car To Help a Starving Dog in the Road

When Amanda and Nicole Lightle encountered Honey, a lone puppy who would soon become an indispensable part of their life, their ordinary road trip turned into an unexpected rescue effort.

While returning home, the sisters happened to notice Honey. “I asked my sister if we should turn around for the puppy, and she instantly agreed,” Amanda remembers the clearly. Motivated by an unsaid but mutual understanding that we needed to assist, I had already started the process.

Nicole got out of the car and began to carefully persuade the terrified dog toward her. It was a delicate moment of truth arrived when they heard the sound of pretzels rustling, starting a touching conversation that concluded with Honey securely in their arms, covered in a beach towel.

As they had a long trip ahead of them, the sisters stopped to give Honey a bath, exposing the abuse she had endured. In the back seat of the automobile, Honey took solace despite her trauma, not realizing that she was on her way to a caring permanent home.

As soon as they arrived in Illinois, the sisters took it upon themselves to take care of Honey, giving her soft showers and getting rid of ticks. Honey’s initial reluctance gave way to confidence as she took cautious moves to investigate her new environment.

The change in Honey was astounding. She left the comforts of her spare room bed to enter the living room, where the family’s presence brought her comfort. The fact that she was now following Amanda around the house was evidence of the close relationship they had developed.




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