Sealed-Snout Dog Wouldn’t Let Them Get Close But Keep Leading Them Down A Path !

The man saw a dog on the side of the road when he was traveling through the town. The dog appeared to be in discomfort, according to ilovemydogsomuch.

The man came to stand by him. Upon closer inspection, he saw that the dog’s snout was wire-closed. The man had already witnessed this, too!

In slaughterhouses, it is a frequent and cruel procedure to tie a wire around a dog’s nose. This courageous dog may have somehow escaped from a neighboring butcher. He sat there in excruciating agony. However, the dog ran away when the man and his companions attempted to approach him. The dog was obviously traumatized by the realization of what humans were capable of doing before.

The man and his friends were looking for a dog. He continued to run, but finally, after due attention and team effort, the dog was caught. It took an exhausting 6 hours, but the dog’s life was so worth it! The man took the dog into care and named him Balboa.

Once Balboa was at the vet, he was properly assessed. His mouth was badly injured. It was infected and bleeding. The vet ordered emergency treatment that included antibiotics, medication for pain, and IV fluids.

The next step would be to remove the wire from his mouth. The vet was so gentle and careful with Balboa! The brave dog’s awake while the wire is removed but he’s on medication to calm him and prevent pain. He’s such a trooper!

Within a few days, Balboa had recovered enough to eat his first real meal. All the volunteers gather to witness this feat. Being able to open and close your mouth, and chew, is an amazing feeling. He is such a happy boy!

His wounds continue to heal and Balboa is much happier around humans. He’s realizing that the humans from his past weren’t coming back. We couldn’t be happier for this deserving dog. Thank you to the heroes who stepped in to save his life!




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