Dog Fancies Baby Donkey As She Takes Her First Breath But Mom’s Unsure

For Colton, a kind and loving dog, witnessing the birth of a young donkey named Willow, it was love at first sight. She was clearly in love with the little foal—as if she had already envisioned herself to be its lifelong friend. Olive, Willow’s careful mother, was first reluctant to let Colton touch her baby.

Source YouTube

Olive gradually gave Willow permission to investigate and engage with Colton over the course of the days. Colton began to behave more like an older sibling, watching out for her little sister, and the two quickly grew close. Her serene presence was especially consoling to Willow, and she appeared to have an inherent ability to detect when the animals needed a little more love and care.

Eventually Olive came to the realization that she could take a break from always watching her child because Colton was keeping a close check on Willow. Colton started going with Willow from the barn to her pasture in the mornings, creating a new routine for them on the farm. The sight of the newborn donkey walking side by side with her dog buddy while wearing a halter would touch anyone’s heart.

Source YouTube

A lot of people who saw the two found it impossible to look away from them because of their special bond. It was evidence that farm animals had unique personalities and yearnings for play and affection, just like dogs and cats.

Colton and Willow’s kind connection has shown a lot of people how sensitive farm animals can be. Because these creatures are not all that different from our cherished house pets, their link serves as a reminder of how important it is to treat them with care and respect.




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