Video: A little deer knocks on a man’s door and her sweet cries touch his heart

One man was overcome when he opened his front door and saw a baby deer staring at him, even though it’s typical to see your neighbors’ animals on your doorstep.

At least he lives in BC, where he frequently works with animals. A fawn banging on your door can be too much, even if you live here.

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But Maple Ridge resident Corey S thinks a scenario like this is as fun as it sounds. The man heard an odd noise coming from his front porch and went inside. When he opened the door to investigate it, the most delightful surprise was waiting for him.

A day-old fawn was staring at him squarely in front of him. No one, especially Corey, whose heart instantly melted, could possible survive such an onslaught of kindness.

But the young deer’s presence wasn’t the only thing going on in the scenario. The moment the cute creature began to “speak,” the situation significantly improved. She made the cutest noise—almost too cute to handle! Fortunately, the lucky person took the lovely picture with his iPhone and shared it with the world.

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It didn’t take long for the small film to win over millions of viewers’ hearts, as you might expect, and I have no doubt that you’ll be one of them!

“I was inside and heard an odd noise, so I finally opened the door, and I must say it caught me off guard,” the man claimed on YouTube. I’m sure it understands what I’m saying.

Source YouTube

When I try to back off, it makes it clear that it wants me to pay attention to it. Did you see my mother? I’m hungry. Turn up the volume and pay attention!

You can watch this incredible moment right now!




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