Elderly man waits by the water every day for his best friend to crawl out and greet him

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Fate works in mysterious ways and friendships happen at unexpected times and places. This time we have the opportunity to look at another unusual friendship between man and mammal. Their story caused great amazement to people all over the world.

Seppo Laamanen, a 65-year-old man who lives alone in his quaint home in the Finnish forests, is one such example. Despite his solitude, Seppo has never experienced loneliness since he has consistently made wonderful friends with the creatures who share his front door. Above everything, though, is an otter that he is most bonded to. Currently, Seppo receives visits from his four-legged pal every single day.

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Every morning, the elderly guy eagerly awaits his visit!

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It all started a few winters ago. Seppo was shocked to discover the animal begging for food on his porch. The young otter hardly found anything to hunt because it was very cold outside and the lake was almost completely frozen. Seppo, a good-hearted man, offered his unusual guest a fish, which he eagerly accepted. This marked the beginning of an amazing friendship. one that gained popularity on the Internet after someone decided to spread information about these two friends.

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The friendly otter now feels at home in Sepp’s house, and the older man is overjoyed to be there. Now that winter is almost here, Seppo makes sure he has more food in his cupboard in case his otter friend decides to invite one of her friends over.

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You don’t see people like them and their special bond every day. I hope they stay friends for a very long time!

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