The kind hearted woman named Danielle Eden decided to adopt all the dogs in the shelter and look after them

Danielle Eden, a lady from Ontario, was one of the first to establish an animal refuge. She has spent his entire life rescuing and adopting pets from shelters. Once upon a time, the woman visited an animal sanctuary in Israel. She was taken aback by how poorly the animals in the shelter were treated.

The tiny space must have made it difficult for the puppies to eat. They appeared frail and malnourished since they had not been fed enough.

Although the woman has been to several animal shelters, the one in Israel was in the worst possible shape. Certainly, this sanctuary was the worst of many. The dogs were only attempting to obtain a small amount of food.

She felt bad for these sad creatures, so she decided to adopt the animal shelter and provide these wonderful canines a forever home.

As a result, she brought all 250 puppies with her. 90 puppies were removed from Israel to animal shelters where they will be properly cared for over the next two months.

The remaining 25 dogs were relocated to an Ontario refuge. A large number of pups are adopted and placed in loving permanent homes.

The animal shelter still has 150 dogs. They improved the situation at a refuge for animals. The animals’ living circumstances have improved in recent years. They plan to transport the animals to an Ontario refuge as soon as they are able.

It’s amazing and applauded that there are kind and just people in the world that work to improve the living circumstances of stray animals.




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